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生徒さんからのお礼の手紙/A thank you letter from our student

As we celebrate our 10th year of teaching English in Ofuna to adults and kids, it was especially nice to receive this letter from one of our 5th grade elementary school students.


As the head teacher and director of 3R English, my relationship with my students covers many aspects, meaning that I am not merely responsible for their English education.

私は3R Englishの講師として、また責任者として、生徒さんと様々な関わり方をしており、ただの英語教育の責任者というわけではありません。

A teacher should have the ability to encourage and develop pupils; academically, mentally and in character too. The skills they learn in the classes will make them stronger as adults and equip them for a fulfilling and rewarding life.


One of the main reasons we teach using the Callan Method, is that the pupils are engaged during the lesson and must think in the target language. Together with Jolly Phonics and a carefully structured lesson, we are able to develop the pupils more quickly and with a very strong foundation in English to take them into adulthood.



At the beginning of this particular student’s class, nobody could read a basic English sentence. 3 years on and they are all skillful readers who can also express themselves in spoken English on a variety of subjects and with excellent pronunciation.


I have to admit, receiving this letter was an emotional occasion for me. I am always sorry to see a pupil move on, but I am also very happy for them and grateful for the opportunity to have helped them improve their chances and life options. This particular pupil is now a confident and engaging young man, ready for his exams.



This is what teaching means to me and us a a school and it makes it all worthwhile.


We look forward to seeing you in the classroom or online.


Richard & Miyako





ゴールデンウィーク休暇のお知らせ 4月30日(火)より5月8日(水)までゴールデンウイーク休暇とさせていただきます。 ご不便をおかけいたしますがご理解のほど宜しくお願い申し上げます。 3R English




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