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英語の本を読む大切さ /Importance of reading books in English.


(English follows/英文は日本語の後にあります。)






1. 読書は脳を鍛え、強化します。

2. 集中力が高まる。

3. 読書は、語彙力、言語能力、文章の構成方法を向上させる。

4. 読書は子供の共感力を高める。

5. 読書をする子供は学校での成績が良い



3R English英会話スクールでは、子供向けの本を用意しています。家に英語の本がない子は、ぜひ借りてみてください



お子さんがクラスに来たときに、「May I borrow a book?(本を貸してください)」と言ってみてください。



3R English


One of the interesting things about running an English school, is that we get to meet people from all backgrounds and ages and see how different students go about learning English at home. Over the years and having talked to many of you, we have noticed, especially among our more successful students, how reading plays an important part in their routine. When we teach phonics from the beginning and show kids how to blend sounds together - we are teaching them how to read. If you and your child want to master the basics of English and carry that progress into their school studies, you should encourage reading English every day and watch how it helps them. Here are some interesting facts about the benefits your child can earn by regular reading: 1. Reading exercises the brain and strengthens it. 2. Reading improves concentration. 3. Reading improves vocabulary, language skills and how to structure sentences. 4. Reading develops empathy in kids. 5. Children who read, do better in school. It doesn’t matter if you, as a parent aren’t great at reading English. Start off with very simple books and encourage your child to read every day, even if its only 5 minutes. Build on this and gradually progress to longer sessions and increase the difficulty. If reading is neglected, it will prevent your child from learning the basics of English and they will probably find classes more difficult, whereas being able to read will liberate them and enable them to make full use off their study materials. We have a selection of books for kids at the 3R English classroom. Kids are welcome and encouraged to borrow these books if they have no English reading material at home. There are 1000’s of titles available on Amazon but we also have titles to suit all levels and ages. We would be interested to hear from you about your kid’s English reading routine, so that we might share this information with other parents looking for advice. Please ask your child to ask us for a book to borrow, the next time they come to class. Best wishes, Richard & Miyako 3R-English.






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