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How to succeed in speaking English. 英語を話すことを成功させる方法

Whilst browsing a local book store at the weekend, I overheard a father and his young daughter in the children’s section. The man was showing books to his restless daughter, who looked about 1st year Shogakko grade.


The enthusiastic father picked up several books, each time explaining what it was and how much fun it would be but the girl was proving to be a tricky customer.


He then picked up and showed her an English alphabet book and that’s when I heard the dreaded but universally used expression “ EHH-BEE-SHEE”… My heart sank and I was reminded of something that I already know too clearly: The gap between correct English and how it is taught to everybody in Japan; young and old.


I felt obliged as a native English teacher, to interrupt the man and correct his pronunciation by using Phonics (as taught at 3R English for kids and beginners) mainly for the benefit of his daughter, but realised that this could cause offence and make the man feel inadequate, so I took a deep breath and walked away with a familiar sense of frustration.

私はネイティブの英語講師として、その子のために、フォニックス(3R Englishではキッズクラスと英語初心者には必ず教えています)で父親の発音を直してあげたい衝動にかられましたが、それは父親の気分を害するでしょうし、場違いな行為なので、大きく深呼吸をし、やるせない気持ちを持ちながらその場を立ち去りました。

The father was obviously very keen to buy the book for this daughter and get her interested in English; like most parents these days. His intentions were proper and he should be commended for that. Unfortunately I could plainly see bad habits being passed down that needed addressing.


It’s impossible to communicate the importance of knowing English to a young child - how it will help them get better grades, have a better choice of universities, have an interesting, and often more satisfying career, broaden their minds by experiencing other cultures, meeting different people and hearing another side of the story. Generally a better and more rewarding life.

英語についての重要性 ー より良い成績が取れ、より良い大学を選べ、興味深く満足のいくキャリアを持ち、他の文化を経験することによって心を広げ、色々な意見を聞き、異なる出会いの助けになるということ ー を幼い子供に伝えることは難しいですが、 一般的に、よりやりがいのある人生のチャンスが広がります。

So my advice to students and parents is: Let us at 3R English help and guide you correctly on this exciting journey and this trip does not begin with EHH-BEE-SHEE it begins with Phonics and A B C pronounced correctly instead!

私から保護者の方へのアドバイスはこれです:3R Englishに正しい英語を学ぶ道の手助けをさせてください。エー、ビー、シーから始まるのではなく、フォニックスで正しい発音のABCから始めましょう!

We believe that we have the perfect blend of expertise and passion to support and guide you to success. We teach British English by a native English teacher, using tried and trusted methods for adults and kids. Our school manager is native Japanese bi-lingual, so there is always extra help on hand.


Check out the videos and info on our homepage for more info and see why 3R English is proving such a popular choice for kids and adults in Kanagawa.

ホームページのビデオや情報を是非ご覧いただき、なぜ3R Englishが神奈川県で子供と社会人に人気の英会話スクールかを知って頂けたらと思います。

Richard & Miyako






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