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"カランキッズ・ステージ1合格おめでとう!"/"Congratulations on passing Callan Kids Stage 1!"

( English follows )



そんな中、金曜日(小学5~6年生)の生徒さんたちは3R Englishでの1年目を終え、カランキッズ・ステージ1の試験に合格しました!








3R English


Hello English learners,

Despite the snow and cold weather, it is easy to forget that we are now closer to spring and the promise of longer, warmer days, plus the end of another school year.


Meanwhile, our Friday (5-6th grade elementary school) pupils have just finished their 1st year at 3R English, and we are delighted to say they have passed their Callan English stage 1 exam!


This fun and lively class started 12 months ago, with just basic alphabet knowledge and a few words. They have since covered all the basic phonics (sounds) in English and learnt how to blend them. This has enabled them to read, spell, and write in a relatively short time.


The class has also covered a lot of useful grammar and vocabulary, which we will now build on to learn verb tenses, phrases, and more grammar in Callan Stage 2.


We are very pleased with the high standard of this class and have been impressed with the pupils’ attitude and hard work.


These pupils, along with all our other kids’ classes, will go on to develop strong, confident English skills that will give them both a huge advantage over their school peers and improve their prospects going into junior high school.


If you would also like to give your child a head start by learning British English from a native teacher, we will be opening new classes this spring.


So, ‘Well done!’ to everyone, and see you in the classroom!

Richard & Miyako

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