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カラン グラマーブック_新教材のお知らせ / The NEW Callan GRAMMAR books have arrived at 3R English!





A2ブック(中級レベル)は、社会人のカランブック1〜5までのターゲット文法をカバーしています。中級者向けの3R English キッズクラスや、英検受験生にも適しています。

B1 (中上級レベル) は、社会人のカランブック1〜7までの文法をカバーしています。このレベルの大人の生徒さんや、TOEIC、英検などのより高いレベルの勉強をしている方に役立つ一冊です。

B1 (上級レベル)は大人のカラン1〜10までの文法をカバーしています。このワークブックは上級者に適しており、英検やTOEICの高得点にも当然役に立ちます。







3R English 英語教室、大船、横浜



Hello to all Callan students and English learners in Yokohama and Kanagawa, Japan.

We have just taken delivery of the long-awaited Grammar books from Callan UK.

These books are aimed at student self-study and revision classes, and are perfectly designed to help our students master English grammar.

They will be particularly useful for anyone who is studying for TOEIC, EIKEN etc, because they have a similar content and are set out in a similar fashion to these exam papers.

The A2 book (Intermediate Level) covers target grammar from the adults’ Callan books 1-5. This book is also suitable for Intermediate level 3R English Kids’ classes, and students taking EIKEN exams.

The B1 book (Upper Intermediate Level) covers grammar from the adults’ Callan books 1-7. This book will be useful for all adult students at this level and anyone studying for TOEIC, EIKEN etc.

The B1 book (Advanced Level) coves grammar from the adults’ Callan books 1-10. This book is also suitable for advanced learners and, naturally useful for very high EIKEN and TOEIC scores.

The books are competitively priced and offer fantastic value for money (please contact us or ask your teacher for more info)

The grammar sections will be set as homework Revision Exercises, with additional teacher input or correction the following lesson to ensure that the student understands completely.

We believe using these books will have a very positive impact on students English levels and assist greatly with their progress.

We expect to be rolling them out this autumn, and we welcome any questions you might have.


3R English School, Ofuna, Yokohama.

Class and Online lessons for adults and kids.


Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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