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3R Englishキッズたちがリーディングに成功!/ Reading success for our 3R English youngsters!

On Sunday we did our first reading practice as a class which was after approx 30 lessons (approx 25 hours class time)


Our young kids are all 6-7years old, so barely knew the English alphabet and certainly did not know any phonics when they joined us.


After regular and consistent work with phonics: learning the new sounds and how to blend them together to form and pronounce words, the level of reading fluency on Sunday was an absolute triumph.


This just proves what we say to pupils and parents, that when the work is done in the classroom together with the homework and home practice - success will follow.


It is important to recognise, however, that this success is not really possible without parents’ supervision and input. It is fair to say that, all the successful pupils at 3R English have parents who get involved and encourage them at home - so well done to you too!

しかし、このような成功は、保護者の方の見守りやサポートなしには実現できないことを認識することが重要です。3R Englishで成功している生徒さんたちは皆、保護者の方が家で彼らを応援してくれていると言っても過言ではありません。

The kids’ ability to read English will now unlock many doors for them. They will be able to learn at a faster rate and remember the work too.


We have lent the kids Dr. Seuss books to take home and read as part of their learning, which they should find useful and entertaining.

子どもたちには、学習の一環としてDr. Seussの本を貸し出していますので、家に持ち帰って読んでみてください。

A very encouraging first 6 months for everyone involved and we look forward to many more.




Richard & Miyako

3R English, Ofuna.


Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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