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3R English Summer Phonics Workshop サマーフォニックスワークショップ第2回開催しました。(社会人編)

(English follows Japanese)


6月に開催された第1回3R Englishフォニックス・ワークショップが好評だったため、今回は参加できなかった社会人の生徒さんを対象にした第2回ワークショップを週末に開催しました。


3R Englishでは、すべてのキッズクラスでフォニックスをスタンダードとして教えています。



















大船の英会話スクール、3R English


Hello again to all our English learners out there!

After the success of our first 3R English Phonics Workshop in June, we recently ran another one for the adult students who were originally unable to attend.

The idea of the workshop is to educate English learners on the mechanics of spoken English; by differentiating between the Alphabet (used for spelling) and Phonics (used for speaking and reading).

At 3R English, we teach Phonics in ALL kids’ classes as standard procedure. It is essential in order to master the basics of the language and give students a strong foundation for conversational English. However, most Japanese people miss out on this vital ingredient because of the way they are taught in state school.

It is always amazing (and sometimes frustrating) that many adult students are learning these new sounds for the first time, despite many years of English education in Japan.

During the 2 hour workshop, we covered the 7 groups of most commonly used English sounds including:

The difference between individual phonics (sounds) and their equivalent letters in the alphabet

How to recognise and pronounce the sound; by using facial muscles, the stomach and diaphragm etc

The commonly mispronounced version of the sound in ‘Jap-English’

How to think in English and not use Katakana sounds.

Listening, repetition plus correction of the students’ efforts by the teacher.

Our students worked hard and it was a very productive session for everyone.

With practice, they should all go on to be both better English listeners and better English speakers.

They will be easier to understand when speaking English at work.

English speakers, TV and films will be easier for them to understand.

The students will be more confident and their English level will improve.

We are aiming to run another Phonics Workshop during the New Year holidays and launch part 2 of this fun learning program.

Stay tuned for details, or contact us to find out more.

Have a peaceful and healthy Summer!

Richard & Miyako

3R English, Ofuna.


Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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