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'This is my Monster'...

3R English for Kids

Here’s a fun way for kids to practice English, that they can also do at home!


(English after Japanese)

「This is my Monster」モンスターゲーム







「‘This is my monster. His name is Bobby, he has a big, green head with 3 eyes.../これは私のモンスターです。名前はボビーで、大きな緑色の頭に3つの目があります.....」など。

また、子供たちが順番にお互いに質問をすることもできます。例えば、「How many arms has he got?/彼の腕は何本ありますか」「What colour are his feet?/彼の足は何色ですか」など。





3R English - 大船の英会話スクール

‘This is my Monster’…..

We first take a piece of paper Folded over into 4 quarters and choose a pen colour.

Each child then draws the head of their monster and gives it a name. There are no limits as to the features they might draw (human, animal, monster etc) but they must not show the other players.

When the head is finished, the paper is folded over and it is passed to the next child.

Everyone then draws the body of their monster and again, it is folded and passed to the next child as before.

The process is repeated until the head/body/legs/feet are completed, whereupon each child opens the paper up to reveal their strange creature.

Now, each child takes it in turns to introduce and describe their monster in English.

‘This is my monster. His name is Bobby, he has a big, green head with 3 eyes…..’ etc

Alternatively, the kids can take turns asking questions to each other. e.g. ‘How many arms has he got?’ ‘What colour are his feet?’ etc

The game encourages kids to be creative and express themselves in English by using verbal communication skills. It also revises nouns and adjectives, such as body parts, numbers, colours etc.

Try it sometime over the rainy season!

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom.


3R-English, Ofuna.


Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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