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Grade 5 Elementary school EIKEN 2 pass!

Grade 5 Elementary school EIKEN 2 Pass! 3R English Academy

We are delighted to announce that we have yet another successful EIKEN student.


At 10 years old and on his first attempt at this notoriously difficult exam, he passed successfully with a B1 CEFR equivalent grade. This will be an excellent foundation for progress and, hopefully, success in entrance exams for junior high school in 12 months.


The methods and teaching ideology that we employ at 3R English are ideal for Japanese kids who are looking to increase their options or find a good school or university.


Our lessons are lively, engaging, and full of student-teacher interaction. Our native British English teacher coaches kids to speak clearly, using grammar and vocabulary that is relevant to modern life.


Why not consider enrolling your child in an EIKEN test and using 3R English to help guide them to success?


Investing in your child's future is priceless, but it will repay them a thousand times.


So, to our 3R student, well done again, and on to EIKEN Pre-1!


Richard and Miyako.

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