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Student Voices

Four students, past and present, share their 3R English experiences and how they have benefited from learning English with us.

Maki Goto

Maki Goto

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Maki Goto. I was brought up in a very normal family and started helping out in the family business after graduating from high school. Until I was 30, I had had no interest in travelling abroad and thought that a hot spring in Japan was enough! One day, a high school friend of mine invited me to Vietnam, which was a great opportunity for me to get out of Japan and experience a different culture. This gave me the courage to then travel to several other countries with a smartphone translation app in my hand. As a new challenge, I then chose to work on the front desk of a business hotel, where I would be required to deal with foreign guests in English. At that time, I just got by with a few English words. However, I like talking to people and felt frustrated because I could not express myself at all in English. Eventually, spending time with customers of all nationalities and with my multinational colleagues ignited a small fire inside me. There were many choices when it came to learning English. My work schedule made it difficult to have fixed days of the week, so I asked for private lessons. I take lessons both in the classroom and online, but I prefer the classroom. At the beginning, I didn't know much English at all, and I couldn't express myself. Even now, when the sentences are long, I sometimes get stuck, but the teacher supports me. However, the interesting thing is that if you keep at it, even though it's hard work, it becomes a habit in a good way (laughs).I realised that it has been more than three years since I started learning slowly like a tortoise, and now it has become part of my life. The best thing for me since I started attending this class is that I was able to conquer my fear. English is not scary after all! I still have a long way to go, but I will continue to work hard. My goal is to be able to have smoother conversations with customers. I feel that the psychological hurdle of speaking with people from overseas has been lowered because the lessons are with a British teacher. Finally, I would like to thank Richard and Miyako for their patience and support. I think I am now able to respond to overseas guests without fear, because my colleague once complimented me after I helped a foreign guest by saying, ‘Goto-san's English is beautiful British English!’.

I joined 3R English School after moving to Ofuna, where I changed pharmaceutical companies. Here, it would be necessary to use English more in my new job, and I realised that my English skills were, in fact, lacking. I had always liked travelling abroad and had been trying to improve my English using online conversation schools. However, I felt that in order to succeed at work, I would have to find a higher level of school. I joined 3R English because they use the Callan method, which is ideal for my business requirements, and they are also local to me.  The Callan method is characterised by the ability to learn English quickly through repeated output so that you can understand English in your head without translating from Japanese first. 3R English offers small, friendly, group lessons that are always taught by a native British teacher. I find that having the presence of peers also keeps me motivated to learn. I am benefiting from the well-structured curriculum, which is effective but simple to follow. During lessons, the students answer the teacher’s questions promptly, and this helps everyone maintain concentration. We are taught accurate pronunciation, correct English grammar, and are corrected by the instructor should we make a mistake. After the lesson, students can ask questions and check points that they don't understand, which I appreciate. Outside of the lessons, students are assigned English practice and revision using their study materials, which helps them develop accuracy and effective habits. I personally feel that the Callan method works well for me and that I am making steady progress.I like this system and the more scientific approach to learning. Through the teacher’s knowledge and feedback, together with my practice and studies, I am succeeding in improving my overall English language skills. Eight months after joining 3R English School, I am already seeing improvements in my English. Before attending this school, my CEFR proficiency level was B1, and I have now raised this to B2. Moreover, I am seeing the benefits at work. I can now communicate more smoothly with my foreign supervisors and colleagues. I am now able to participate in meetings, write reports, exchange emails, and also give presentations in English. The lessons are well-taught with clear instruction. The teacher is always enthusiastic and corrects our mistakes. This is in contrast to online lessons I’ve had with other schools, where teachers were often non-native English speakers and their competence varied greatly each time. For example, in online English courses I took before joining this school, there was too much free conversation (in my opinion). Consequently, I couldn’t get any proper practice to learn the difficult aspects of the language. As a result, I did not feel a big change in my English. I will keep building on my progress and continue my studies with 3R English so that I can improve my English even further. I recommend 3R English classes to anyone who is struggling to improve their language skills.

Fumiya Ohashi

Fumiya Ohashi

Sarasa Shimojima

Sarasa Shimojima

I am a 3rd year junior high school student, growing up and living in Yokohama. My favourite school subjects are English and Maths. My hobbies are playing the piano, watching anime, and reading manga. I originally began learning English at another school in preparation for my future studies and career. However, that school closed down, so we looked for a school with good reviews and chose 3R English in Ofuna. As part of the lesson, they incorporate activities to improve my ability to make sentences. I can feel the benefits of this, as my confidence and spoken English are steadily getting better. I find Richard’s teaching style easy to understand. The lessons are both fun and interesting, too. I have been able to make friends with other students through 3R English, and I enjoy going to class every week! Regarding my academic results, I only had EIKEN level 4 when I joined 3R English. I decided to take EIKEN 3 and passed it, so I kept on and went for EIKEN Pre 2 and also passed that. I then made an attempt at EIKEN 2, which needed more work, but my 3R teacher helped guide me to success eventually. I have learnt correct English pronunciation, intonation, and conversation skills. These have not only been useful for the EIKEN interviews but also for speeches in school classes! 3R-English is a fun and casual place to learn effective English, and I encourage everyone to try it!

Kazusa is a second-year elementary school student living in Sakae-ku, Yokohama. Prior to joining 3R English, Kazusa attended a bilingual kindergarten for three years. The level of English was somewhat basic, but he took well to a second language. We enrolled Kazusa in 3R English so that he can communicate comfortably with people from all over the world in the future. We like the small class sizes and the careful teaching of British English pronunciation and grammar usage. The instruction and guidance on home study given by the school are especially appreciated. Kazusa’s 3R English lessons have recently enabled him to pass his first attempt at EIKEN level 3 with ease. In addition, he can now enjoy watching English TV and reading English books. Before joining 3R English, Kazusa was somewhat lacking in confidence in many things. We have seen him turn this around, and now he is a much more confident boy, generally. He is often keen to speak English at home and share what he has learnt in his lessons with us. We think 3R is a very good school for learning how to use real English in everyday life, so we would definitely recommend it.

Kazusa Sakai & parents

Kazusa Sakai & Parents

Miss S, businesswoman,


“The teacher treats everyone with enthusiasm and without compromise. If you are serious about learning English, please choose 3R English.”

Mr. T, Student, Totsuka.

“Learning the correct pronunciation from a native speaker was perfect for my preparation before studying abroad in the UK. I am now at the top of my English class at university.”

Parents of Miss A., Ofuna.

Thanks to her time at 3R, our daughter was able to enter an international school in Tokyo, where all her classes are in English.

Thank you, 3R!"

Parents of Miss M., Kamakura.

"Thank you so much for your work to improve her English-speaking ability. We've seen real change over the past year."
Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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