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"My daughter has gained much confidence, and now even corrects my own English pronunciation! "
Mrs.T., Parent, Ofuna.


At 3R English, we typically teach children from the age of 7+ 


Kids must have had some previous experience of English.


Good examples might be: 


  • Have previously learnt some English at school


  • Have used English whilst living abroad


  • Have an English speaking parent with a strong desire to develop their child’s English ability.


It is expected that all new students already have a sound knowledge of the English alphabet and can say any letter at random.

  • Children should be used to a classroom environment and be able to focus on the work for the duration of the lesson.


  • Children should be able to complete all homework (set to the appropriate level of the class)


All pupils in 3R English children’s Classes are assessed weekly. Pupils’ progress and performance reports are compiled and released 6-monthly (April and October) for parents.

Homework / 宿題
Do you have a sound knowledge of the English alphabet? アルファベットについて十分な知識をもっていますか?

The Callan Method for Kids:


There are 6 stages from beginner to upper intermediate level. - The Callan Method for kids will take your child from Beginner Level CEFR A1 to A2.

Using the Callan Method and other materials, our 3R pupils regularly achieve EIKEN passes at Level 3, Pre-2 and Level 2, being CEFR B1 equivalent.


The method uses the same principles as the original adult’s Callan method and focuses on:

  • Listening & speaking: Thinking and speaking in English without pausing or translating

  • Important key words and grammar

  • Reading skills


  • Writing and dictation skills


After the Kids’ stage 6 book, the Callan system is designed to move across to the adults’ books, starting at stage 4.

Your Callan book and tuition fees include access to the Callan Online App for home study and practice.

  • The unique Question & Answer section lets students practise their listening and speaking (and even record themselves).

  • The Dictation section provides listening and writing practice with auto-correction.

  • The Exercises section contains lots of original and fun material to help students improve their vocabulary and grammar.

  • Students can download the Callan App for use on any device.

Callan for Kids textbooks / カランキッズの教材
Classroom / 教室

The Jolly Phonics system:


A British system used by young learners worldwide. It focuses on the sound of the letter as it is pronounced. (The alphabet symbol is purely used to write it down)


Jolly Phonics is an essential tool which enables children to identify sounds and blend them together to read words.


Jolly Phonics classroom work is accompanied by an interactive learning video, flash cards and other fun materials.


Before any child learns English, they should start correctly and start with phonics!

Jolly Phonics Karuta game / ジョリーフォニックスのカルタゲーム

Here is a break-down of a typical 60 minute 3R English kids lesson:


(5 minutes before: Meet and greet & prepare homework for marking)

Kids lesson pie chart / キッズレッスン円グラフ
"I now always get near perfect marks in junior high school English tests."
A. H., Student, Konandai.

Kids Tuition Fees



Group lessons once a week x 60mins each

Efficiency level: Good

Success rate: Good


Group lessons twice  a week x 60mins each

Efficiency level: Very Good

Success rate: High

​Other fees

  • Enrolment fee - 8,000yen

  • Callan for kids books including Callan Online App - 3,800yen each stage

  • Phonics workbook + video - 2,000yen

  • Phonics Grammar book set (1-6) - 4,000yen 

* Depending on the individual's level, not all of these books may be required.

Your child’s joining fee includes a 3R English study pack, comprising of:

A4 carry case with a 3R sticker, notebook, multi pen, HB pencil & cap, eraser, pencil sharpener, pencil case, reading reading book mark, class study guide, home study guide, attendance/sticker card, school calendar.

Free 3R Study pack



At 3R English, we are committed to holding high standards and getting the best from our students. In order to do so, every student’s performance is assessed at the end of every lesson.

By monitoring a child’s strengths and weaknesses, we can target specific areas and also liaise with you, the parent. For example, we might suggest that your child practises phonics more or targets certain grammar points at home.

Students are assessed on all aspects of class work and homework and are awarded a score for each skill. We also find that this information is useful for busy parents who may have limited time to check on their child’s English progress from week to week.

Reports are completed twice a year, once in April and again in October. Please use ‘report time’ as an opportunity to discuss your child’s English progress with them. We welcome feedback from pupils and parents alike on this topic.

The results are more or less guaranteed, if you and your child have: 

  • A goal or purpose

  • A strong desire to succeed

  • An open mind

Hear what our students and parents have to say about their experience with us and then book your one month trial lesson with 3R English.

Callan for Kids stage exam pass / カランキッズのステージ合格
Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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