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"The Callan Method is ideal for my business requirements"
Mr. O., Manager, Ofuna.

"In a world of instant convenience, many people know the cost of everything but the value of nothing…"

Learning English is an important investment in terms of your time and money!

Here's why students choose us: 


  • We are an established, small international academy based in Ofuna.

  • We focus on giving you the highest quality learning experience we can, and always from a native British English teacher.

  • We provide small group classes, plus private lessons, and online.

  • We care, passionately about helping you reach your goal.

  • We are always available for help and advice.



  • We are not a large, generic, online learning company. 

  • We do not employ teachers whose first language isn’t English. 

  • Our school is not focused on profit, cheap lessons and convenience. 

These days, we are seeing an increasing trend of adults returning to the classroom.


Learners are seeing both the real value of learning English at an authentic British school and the advantages of being taught by a native English speaker. 

Adult students are also enjoying the social aspect of attending a class, such as interacting with their fellow students, making friends, and conversing with the teacher.

カランメソッドのレッスン / Callan Method lessons
英語で人生が変わります / Change your world with English.
カランメソッドのレッスン / Callan Method lessons

A breakdown of a typical 70 minute 3R-English Adult lesson:

Adult lesson pie chart / 社会人レッスン円グラフ

Lessons cover all the important aspects of English you will need inc: Conversation, Pronunciation, Grammar, Literacy Skills etc.


Class sizes are typically small groups (2-4 people)

Private lessons are also available which can be both classroom based or online.

Beginners and advanced speakers are welcome.

There are 12 stages of the adults’ Callan Method plus a Business English stage which is suitable for advanced learners.


Your Callan book and tuition fees include access to the Callan Online App for home study and practice.

  • The unique Question & Answer section lets students practise their listening and speaking  (and even record themselves for comparison).

  • The Dictation section provides listening and writing practice with auto-correction.

  • The Exercises section contains lots of original and fun material to help students improve their vocabulary and grammar.

  • Students can download the Callan App for use on any device.

カランメソッドのレッスン / Callan Method lessons
カランメソッドのレッスン / Callan Method lessons

The results are more or less guaranteed, if you have: 

  • A goal or purpose

  • A strong desire to succeed

  • An open mind

  • A commitment to a minimum of 2 lessons a week

Please Note: 

The Callan Method is a direct style of teaching. All students’ mistakes, especially pronunciation errors, are immediately corrected by the teacher. This system can be challenging for sensitive people or those who do not respond well to criticism or correction.

Hear what our students have to say about their experience with us and then book your free trial lesson with 3R English.

Lesson fees



Group lessons twice a week x 70mins each

Efficiency level: Good

Success rate: Good


Group lessons three time a week x 70mins each

Efficiency level: Very Good

Success rate: High


Private lessons
Classroom or Online

Efficiency level: Very Good

Success rate: High

​Other fees

  • Enrolment fee - 10,000yen

  • Callan books including Callan Online App - 3600yen each stage

  • Grammar books - 3700yen each level

* If classes are full or unavailable we will suggest alternatives from group, private or online.


We look forward to helping you soon!

Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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