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How can I improve my English vocabulary and spelling?

As summer is now here and the school holidays are approaching fast, 3R English would like to suggest a way of having fun as a family and testing your English vocabulary skills.


Board games are not only a good way of bonding with the family, but they can also be used to practise learning skills at the same time.


Invented 90 years ago and played in over 100 countries, ‘Scrabble’ is a perfect way of using English in a fun way. 

The basics of the game are to take turns spelling out English words using the letters you have, with the letters already played on the board.


Points are scored for each letter, with multiple bonus points awarded on various squares on the board. The winner is the player with the most points accumulated at the end of the game.


Typically, a dictionary will be necessary to check the validity of words and their spelling. 3R English recommends using a quick online 'Scrabble word-checker', such as


As most Japanese adults have had 5–6 years of English education, it’s a perfect way to pit your skills against your friends or against your kids. 


Scrabble will improve your vocabulary knowledge and test your spelling skills. It is also good for your mathematics, as it requires simple addition and multiplication skills to play.


Why not combine learning games like Scrabble with your English studies to improve your memory skills and develop your vocabulary?


However, be warned, it will bring out the competitor in you!


Have fun!

Richard & Miyako

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