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May Blog -Grade 3 Elementary school EIKEN 3 pass!

Hello English learners!

We hope all students and families had a good Golden Week holiday.

3R English school recently took a break and went to Thailand for a week’s holiday, and enjoyed the wonderful scenery, weather and food.

We noticed how friendly people were, and how much English is used as the universal language there. Both the Thai people, and tourists from all over the world were using English to communicate as a common language.

3R English are also celebrating another successful Eiken result at our school!

One of our 9-year old, 3rd grade elementary school students has just passed her EIKEN Level 3 exam. She achieved a score of 1744, which is ideal for moving on to the Pre-2 Level.

Kids with this level of English are already able to converse in simple everyday English and use it abroad on holiday.

If you are considering giving your child an advantage in life, why not choose our 3R English classes? They are extremely effective, especially in passing EIKENs and entrance exams.

Our school is accessible from Yokohama, Kamakura and the surrounding areas.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Richard & Miyako

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