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Seasons greetings from 3R English

Dear students and parents,


We have made it through another challenging year together - Otsukaresamadeshita!


Despite the difficulties life has thrown at us, our students have continued, without giving up and have achieved even higher levels of success than before - Well done to everyone!


In 2021 we have helped:


A family learn English to prepare them for life in Australia.


A pharmaceutical industry manager converse in English in international Zoom conference meetings.


Tokyo business hotel reception staff learn everyday English to communicate with foreign guests.


Housewives top up English for travel and conversation with English speaking friends.


High school students improve their English for university entrance exams


Elementary school pupils prepare for Junior High and Juku.


Complete beginner pupils discover phonics and correct use of letter symbols and sounds.


And many more………….


As a teacher, I have been with you since the beginning and can now see great improvements in all aspects of your English - especially communicating with me and others. You should be proud of yourselves so please, continue this momentum into 2022.


Next year is a special year for 3R English as we will be celebrating being established for 10 years - how time flies when you’re having fun!!!

来年は、設立10周年という3R Englishにとって特別な年を迎えます。楽しいと時間が経つのは早いものですね!!!

We would like to thank everyone for their efforts and continued support over the last decade. The school has grown into a trusted local English learning centre and we very happy to have helped so many people achieve their goals and targets in life.


We wish everyone a happy, peaceful and safe 2022.


From Richard and Miyako

大船の英会話スクール 3R English

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