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"I can now converse confidently with foreigners in English"
T. D., University Student, Tokyo.

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What is your full name? → My given name is ‘Richard’ and my family name is ‘Culshaw’.   What do your names mean? → ‘Culshaw’ is approximately 800 years old. It is from Lancashire, in the north-west of England (near Manchester). It means 'a retreat in a forest', and originates from the ancient Celtic language.   ‘Richard’ is originally 11th-century German in origin, translating as ‘brave ruler’.   Where are you from in the UK? → I’m from Rochester, which is about 50 km south-east of London. It is full of ancient history, including Charles Dickens, Rochester Castle, Rochester Cathedral, and the 2nd oldest school still in operation in the world.   Why the name ‘3R English’? → I designed the school logo and the name because ‘3 is the magic number’. Studying three times a week is the perfect level to learn English effectively. We also have an old phrase used in England called ‘The Three R's', which are reading, writing, and arithmetic (which sounds like reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic') when spoken, and refers to education in general.     Why did you move to Japan? → Well, there were many reasons, but the main ones were that my wife and I wanted to raise a family and be closer to her parents.   Do you have a family? → Yes, I’ve been married to my wife Miyako for 20 years, and we have two children, both born here.   What are your hobbies? → I love cycling and try to ride at least 150km a week if possible: around the coast in summer and in the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains when it's cooler. I’ve also done the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb twice. I love music and have a modest vinyl LP collection, art, and design, especially mid-century modern, making coffee, and visiting cafes. (I have a coffee barista qualification from the London School of Coffee.) I have also supported Arsenal Football Club for over 40 years.   What do you like most about Japan? → Lots of things: I love the scenery—the ocean and the mountains. The old villages and rice fields in the countryside are especially beautiful. Japanese people are very kind and generous. It’s a nice, safe country for kids, and it has a low crime rate too.   Do you like Japanese food? → Yes. I love sushi, yakitori, soba, etc., but a simple dinner of grilled sanma, rice, pickles, and vegetables would probably be my favourite.   Have you been to any other countries? → Yes, I’ve been to several countries in Europe, including a 3-week driving holiday around France while on honeymoon. I’ve been to the USA, Canada, and a few countries in Southeast Asia. I think Cambodia was my favourite.   What do you miss about England? → Certain British foods, especially cheese or roast beef for Sunday dinner, my family, especially at Christmas. I don’t miss the British winter weather, though. It’s very dark, damp, and lasts forever.   What do you like most about teaching? → I like a challenge. Teaching involves meeting people and helping them. Learning a new language can literally change your life. It’s incredibly rewarding to be partly responsible for improving someone’s life.   Will you always live in Japan? → Haha. Yes, I think so.

"The teacher's enthusiasm is infectious and makes me want to succeed."
S. H., Cruise ship staff, Fujisawa.

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Callan Method Accredited School / カランメソッド公式認定校

Callan Method Accredited School

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