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Summer Greetings to all our students and families!

夏のご挨拶 - 生徒さんとそのご家族の皆さまへ 











3R English

Summer Greetings to all our students and families.

We hope that everybody had a healthy and fun Obon holiday and managed some English practice!

Many of us simply had ‘staycations’ or holidayed closer to home than usual, but still enjoyed the break.

I had originally planned a 3-day cycle trip with a friend, from Kamakura-Kawaguchiko-Matsumoto to return on the train via Tokyo. However, due to the rise in Covid-19 cases in Tokyo and the Obon factor, we decided on a healthier option and went to Izu from Kawaguchiko, and rode home instead. The total was just under 300km for the long weekend.

My cycling friend is also a native English teacher, with a Japanese wife and bi-lingual daughter, so we have much in common between us.

The journey was great fun and very memorable. The temperature was extremely hot, but we paced ourselves sensibly and made sure we drank plenty. The route from Tanzawa into Yamanashi via the 413 was breathtaking, and I imagine would be amazing during the red leaves season.

We stayed at the superb Kona Stay Izu ( which is a guest house specifically catering for cyclists. They are Japanese and English speakers and extremely friendly and helpful. It is the ideal hub, if you or your family is thinking about a healthy cycling break on the Izu peninsula.

So, back to work and back to school for most of us.

Work hard but play hard too.

See you in the classroom.


3R English


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